Don't want return StepFailedException

My issue is like that:
When I check element is clickable, the element is clickable, but when I click the element, maybe some reason, the page is loading, so at that point, when I click the element, it will fail.
My solution is:

  1. Waiting for seconds and ensure the page is loading , than check the element is clickable and then click. But this always waste time and even when the network bad, the solution will be failure
  2. Writing a new function that wait until click success. It works. But I found, every time when the fail, the step will fail and the suit will fail even I pass all the steps. After check, I found when called and if the step is fail, it will return the StepFailedException and it will mark the test case fail even the test suit failed. It’s not my purpose. I want to try more times, only one time pass, the test case will pass and the suit will pass.
    Could you help me?

Hi Jenny,

FailureHandling.OPTIONAL is exactly you are looking for.
It throws only WARNING message into a log, but step is not failed anymore. Usage:"Path/To/Object1"), FailureHandling.OPTIONAL)

Did you got any solution?
I have similar issue.

get text from web component
catch(Exception ex)
perform some operation if step in try fails

Code is not going into catch block