Upload to TestOps manually will activate automatic upload

Hey Katalon-Team,

to avoid TestOps become messy (again) I want to manually choose which data I want to upload to TestOps. Therefore disabled TestOps in Project - Settings - Katalon TestOps. But whenever I upload data manually from a result page of a Suite/Collection - Result - Katalon TestOps - Upload it gets enabled and stay as that.

So, it would be nice to either have the possibility back to set in settings to not upload automatically or to disable it again after upload is done from the result page of a Suite/Collection.


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@Thong @Jass

Hello there,

We’ve fixed this bug in Katalon Studio version 7.1. Please upgrade when the new version’s available and let me know it you still encounter this issue.

Read more about the release note.


Hey Jass,

I can verify!

  • Reports do not upload automatically if disabled in settings
  • It is possible to upload them via the Result page of the suite
  • and it does not enable this function afterwards.

Job accomplished! Thanks a lot for fixing.


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