Disable Browser MobProxy on Katalon Docker

Hi Katalon,

Could you please guide me how to Disable Browser MobProxy on Katalon Docker?
Because of the proxy, automation test is getting slow and run failed a lot.

Thanks for your support,

Hi @vinh_bao_quang,
“Disable Browser MobProxy” setting is removed from KS v6.2.0. Besides, this setting decides whether to generate .HAR files or not. It does not cause the automation script getting slow and failed

I did observe the failure and inconsistent result when running the automation script in Linux and Katalon Docker while it works well in Windows. The Browser MobProxy definitely impacts to the automation script as it’s the REST API proxy using inside Katalon especially when running the large number of test cases ( ~ 2k) and produced around 4 REST API calls per test case.

It’s pity that Katalon removed this settings as the HAR is not usually helpful in CI run.

did you run it as docker in windows prior to get to this conclussion?

what are the details or your ‘linux environment’. virtualized? (just a guess)

Is there a workaround for this if we do not want .HAR files to be generated?