Difference between object Identification using SPY Tool and Web Recorder


Please find the below steps which i have followed,
[https://www.sierratec.com/efacilitydemo/sample.html](http://Application Link)

  1. Once we have launched the application , clicked Listing grid search filer and entered value as ‘1’ in the input search filter.
  2. The Actions were recorded in the Katalon web Recorder. But while Trying to run the recorded scripts , we are facing error .



Error screenshot:

Alternative solution we applied (Solution was suggested from katalon Community):

  1. You can’t record the element (which is in the Listing grid filter search -Input text box) so suggested ,that the item “Contains” must be added manually by using Spy Tool .

So, why it was not able to covered in Recording (During Recording it was not recognizing correct web element we clicked)
Using spy Tool it can be detect the correct element we have clicked .

So, Can you please explain the difference between Web Recorder and SPY TOOL.