Unable to handle Infragistics Search Filter

Please find the below steps which i have followed,

Application Link

  1. Once we have launched the application , clicked Listing grid search filer and entered value as ‘1’ in the input search filter.

  2. The Actions were recorded in the Katalon web Recorder. But while Trying to run the recorded scripts , we are facing error .


Error screenshot:

Hi @Harikumar

The cause of the failure is due to the wrong XPath. Could you show us the test object at which the test step failed ? Also It might help try other XPaths or combinations of attributes of the web element to ensure that the object will be located successfully during Playback.

In Chrome, you can inspect a web element by right-clicking on it an select Inspect. Then observe as you interact with the web page which attributes of the web element stay constant and then you can select them in the test object.

Regards !

Dear ThanhTo,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have already tried with your suggestion, but still its not working . Please find my application link:Application Link

Kindly review the application and help me.

Hi @Harikumar

Since you already gave us the application, could you also share us the Katalon project containing the failed test case ?

Regards !

Infragistic.zip (18.0 KB)

Hi @Harikumar

I did some exploratory stuffs on your application, and figured out something that I hope may be what you want. Your application is not easy to automate because many elements are governed dynamically and Javascript prevents automation engines to simulate a real click.

The trick in the Katalon project above is that the item “Contains” must be added manually by using Spy Tool. You can’t record that element using the Recorder. This element is important because apparently only after WebUi.click() on the “Contains” item does WebUi.sendText() successfully sends text to the input, otherwise it will produce Element Not Visible error.

Could you try to see if this is what you want ?

Regards !

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Dear Thanh To,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
yes we are actually looking for the same solution to pass text in search filter .

Dear Thanh To,

We would like to know,the difference between object Identification using SPY Tool and Web Recorder.

From your above Response says,

  • we can’t record the element (which is in the Listing grid filter search -Input text box) so suggested ,that the item “Contains” must be added manually by using Spy Tool .

  • Using spy Tool it can be detect the correct element we have clicked .

So, Can you please explain the exact difference between Web Recorder and SPY TOOL in katalon .

Hi @Harikumar

The crucial point is that interactions change a web page’s state - which means they change elements’ visibility, attributes and these kind of things.

Web Recorder records your interactions on web elements by first locating the element and identifying the action, only then a corresponding test step appears.

This means it sometimes records a sequence of interactions that will change your web page’s states such that this change may trigger some elements to turn invisible, unclickable through Javascript (that the web developer wrote) or something like that.

If an element turns unclickable or invisible, and the next interaction (click) is on this element, then although the element is located, no test step appears on Recorder Dialog because the action is not permitted (because of the page’s native Javascript).

On the other hand, Spy tool merely spy your web page - which means it merely gives you elements’ locations on your web page and doesn’t record the action.

Of couse the trade off is that you can’t record interactions with Spy Tool.

Hope that it helps !