Deleting objects NOT working as expected


Katalon Studio
Version: 5.9.1
Build: 2
Windows 7, 64 bit
Bug: Deleting objects NOT working as expected.

Test steps:
Open any project in Katalon.
Select >> Object Repository.
Open any repository where there are 2 or more referenced and unreferenced objects.
Left mouse click on the first item.
Use the Shift key to select a list of objects (I used 30 objects).
Press the Delete key.
Answer ‘Yes’ to the question dialog.
Caution dialog displays listing those items that are referenced and asks “Do you want to remove all reference(s)?
**One or more referenced objects should be listed.
Issue: Clicking ‘No’ or ‘No To All’ deletes the referenced objects << Not expected.
Work-around: Clicking ‘Cancel’ ONLY deletes/removes unreferenced objects.



I can verify that this is also occurring in 5.10.1 as well.


Hi @Dave_Evers, this bug is noted in our back log and will be fixed in the upcoming releases.

Thanks for the report !


Thanks for the response!