Delete test object

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Operating System - win10

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Katalon Studio Version-8.0.1

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    The test object is in use. when I click on delete, I choose not to delete.

It is get deleted even I press NO button.

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Expected Behavior:

Should not delete test object if user clicks NO.

Actual Behavior:

It delete the test object , no matter press yes or no.

I am afraid, you have a misunderstanding.

Please read the message:

“Do you want to remove all the reference(s)? Yes/No/Cancel”

At this timing, the test object has already been deleted.

Katalon Studio then asked you if it should automatically edit the test case scripts which were referring to the deleted test object so that it removes the every references in the script to make them tidy.

The Test Object has already gone. Too late to say “come back!”.

This means when I click delete , the test object is deleted without asking confirmation.

In my project, I selected a Test Object and selected the menu “Delete it”

then Katalon Studio asked me to confirm if I really want to:

I don’t think it is the case.

OK got it. It first delete the object and then let me know it is already applied to other test cases. I hope system shows first which test case are linked with it and then confirm to delete.