Unable to delete test objects

i have below katalon studio version
Katalon Studio
Version: 5.4.1
Build: 1

i have created few test objects and now i wants to delete it.
i am unable to delete test objects in Object repository.
please help me to resolve this issue.


Is there any reason stopping you upgrading to the latest version of Katalon Studio 5.10.0?

I have 5.10.1 Version. I am not able to delete duplicate objects. After refresh, close and reopen…still there. Any suggestions?

Try closing Katalon Studio and deleting them in your file system directly. So for example, navigate to “path/to/my/project/Object Repository/path/to/my/object” and delete the .rs file for the object you want to remove.

From there, re-open your project in Katalon Studio and see if the explorer matches your actual file system.