Delete Test Object used by Custom Keywords, without warning message

Hi, you know that when you try to delete a Test Object from Object Repository , if such Test Object is used by any test case, you’ll get a popup warning which shows you which test cases are actively using this Test Object, so you can choose to continue deleting or not .

This feature should also be applicable for Test Object ONLY used by Custom Keywords. For now if user deletes a Test Object that not directly referenced by any test case but only in Custom Keywords, the Test Object will be deleted successfully without any warning. But the thing is this may not be what user wants because the Test Object may be still used in Custom Keywords which are being used in test case so technically those are still ‘Active’ test object.

Hope this same feature - validation on deleting test object - is also added in future to check if the test object is still being used by any Custom Keywords.


Is there any update on this topic please?