Clear unused objects from Object Repository

I would like to clear all the unused objects from my repository. Is there any safe way to do this?


What I know you can just right click the object and check if its used somewhere, if not you can clear it. Would be nice to have a button for that somewhere, thats for sure…

May be not now. We can implement this feature separately with care.


Hi @plaidshirtakos, one possible solution would be to delete all test objects, then a panel would prompt asking if you want to delete all these objects, if you click yes then another panel would prompt asking if you really want to delete all referenced test objects ( those used in test cases ), if you click No To All then only unreferenced (unusued) objects would be deleted.

However An existing (and logged) bug in Katalon Studio would still delete all your objects if you click No To All in the above described steps, we will fix this bug in the upcoming releases, and when it’s fixed you can apply the above solution.

Again, the bug is currently not fixed in the latest person, do not apply this solution yet.

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yes, this would be great to have!

Hi there!

Is this bug fixed now? Please let me know, thanks!


I have to disagree with @Brian_Ducson, right clicking on a object does not tell you always where used (see my post in that forum: Show references on object used in script)
Git Saved my day.

@ezeromanelli : As I see, this question is still open.

And I will disagree with @ThanhTo at the same time because I did what he suggested a couple of months ago and I have learned it the hard way. It does not work.

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@ThanhTo Hello there! Any updates on this? Thank you.

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Hi @ezeromanelli

Thank you for reminding, we will keep in mind this feature when planning the upcoming releases. Currently there is no utility to clear unused objects yet.

Cheers !


Hi @ThanhTo, any updates? Thanks!


Hi everyone,

Starting from version 7.0.0, Katalon Studio supports Test Objects refactoring which allows you to view and remove unused objects in your project. For further details, please read this document.

Make sure to check out our release note and download the amazing Katalon Studio 7.





Hi There @Jass! Excelent, this is an awesome feature.


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The Show unused Test Objects action is disabled/not clickable for me. Any tips for troubleshooting this?

Hi @matt.piasecki

The feature is available in KSE only, I suspect you see it as grayed out because you’re not using the Enterprise version.


Ah yes. Thank you for the clarification!