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How to get debug perspective, I am unable to get this option in katalon 5.10.1


Are you looking for this option?


Thanks @maxsudik I found that, but unable to debug in 5.10.1. As these options are missing

Also, i need help to understand how to move to next debug breakpoint, resume execution or run from step, etc.?


I’m using the latest ver - 5.10.1


  1. In my case, these options are visible after you click ‘Debug’ button. See screenshot
  2. Move to the next Breakpoint - click ‘Step Over’
  3. Resume execution - ‘Play’ button
  4. Start execution -
  5. Run from step - please see the topic - How to Step Back or Rerun Breakpoint in Debug Mode?

Hope I helped you


Thanks it helps mate :grinning: