Data binding: run all test cases from test suite by each row of data

Hello there!
Could someone help me on this case,

I have test suite TS with picked TC1, TC2, TC3

I have data_set (internal data) with column’s name: C0, C1, C2, C3

TC1 uses data from column C0 and C1,
TC2 uses data from column C2
TC3 uses data from column C3

I set value test for data_set with 3 rows data as this picture: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

when I run TS, it runs TC1 3 times completely, then TC2 3 times completely, then TC3 3 time completely.

So how can I run TS by each row? (run all 3 tcs by row1, then run 3tcs by row2 … so on)
(TC1 And TC2 And TC3 with Row1, then TC1 And TC2 And TC3 with row2, and TC1 And TC2 And TC3 with row3)

Thank in advance!

Hi Tay,

Try exploring this. . .

Hope that helps. . :slight_smile:

I already tried it, but cant,
we can run 1 TC with data row by row,
but i cant find the way to run some TCs of TS row by row, it run TC1 row by row, then TC2 row by row (not run TC1, TC2 … row by row)
Thank for more suggestion!

Why don’t create a TC4 which call TC1, TC2 and TC3. Then make a Test Suite with this TC4 and bind it ?

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HI HeleneB,
just tried, i cant find the way to bind data (variable binding) for TS includes a TC which calls some TCs

You have to create all variables from TC 1 to 3 on the TC4.
And associate variables when call TC like
WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase('TC1'), [('TC1_variable1') : TC4_variable1, ('TC1_variable_2') : TC4_variable2], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

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oh, thank you so much
after some hours, i can go throw test data row by row, thank again!
ah, can i ask you a question, seem this approach is workaround solution.
should Katalon has official way to loop data for all TCs from TS row by row,

I don’t think so

Hey HeleneB, this is really awsome technique , thank you for sharing…