Iterate test case with several test data

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Are there any examples of test suite I can base on in order to do an iteration of test cases according to test data. I have uploaded an excel file as data file, created a test case and a test suite where I linked with the data file. In this link I set data iteration to “All”. When I execute I only have the data of the first row that are keyed in the web browser. I think I have to set the objects or the action on the objects in the test case but I do not know how. Could you please help ?

[Erratum] I just saw a post dealing with the same problem. The beset answer advise to create a loop in the script but now I am wondering what is the purpose of the field “data iteration” in the “data binding”.

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We will soon update sample projects to cover newbie and advanced users as well. Thanks for your tip :slight_smile:

Many thanks Vinh,

Thanks to your examples I was able to do my test iterations without any dev skills.

One tip for the newbies: try to refresh regularly your project in order to implement all your changes in all your objects and classes.

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This article has a good explain regard on ‘Data Binding’ section:

You don’t need to have dev skill in setting this, just need to know how to map it based on your test scenario (based on above article)

Many thanks Vinh for this answer with details. I looked to your example and there isn’t any settings on the data binding (may be you have uploaded an old version).

[Erratum] Sorry, I didn’t looked deeply in the test suite. There is actually a data binding setting.

More over, I understand that to iterate, even a simple test case, with several test data rows, it requires dev skills that I don’t have :frowning:

Could you please confirm ? In this case I don’t understand the purpose of the “Data iteration” in the data binding. Will this be a future feature ?

Please see this project for the easiest situation to setup
- Test Case ‘TC01_REST_Verify Email from list of Comments’ uses the variable ‘postId’
- Test Data ‘REST Parameters’ with the three rows of value that we want to use with the Test Case
- Test Suite ‘TS_RegressionTest’ where we config the DataBinding between the Test Case and the Test Data

Attach WebService project from that link here for anyone would like to use it