"CustomKeyword" is changed from free to premium feature?

Thank you @discover.selenium, that’s high praise indeed.

At this point, there is no new information. I only know that a discussion will take place at some point next week between senior personnel over this topic. What the outcome will be is not possible to say (sadly, my time-machine has broken down and my crystal ball shattered when I dropped it on the kitchen floor).

Fingers crossed



you can substitute Ibus with my current user … that was my previous account created on a previous company email, now disabled. It is preserved for hystorical reasons.
Anyway … we can feel your pain but as I mentioned, I don’t think the comunity can do more on this matter right now.
We raised our concerns.
It is a licence enforcement, so, as previously mentioned, for now I will wait for the official position.
Depending on that, the only thing I can do from my side is to leave this comunity if our voice is not listened.

Same… Not to mention that, if we were to refactor those into pure Selenium, those Page Objects would become so much larger, as they would contain By selectors for all the TestObjects for that page!

Katalon, please STAHP!!!


Got to recuperate all the money spent on the development of AI features that nobody wanted.


I swear… Companies everywhere are trying to just jam AI into every single thing

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As a KSE user I agree with @kazurayam, long time forum solution providers will likely leave this forum as why would someone want to pay for a Katalon license to simply help others, (thanks to everyone that has ever helped me (@Russ_Thomas, @kazurayam, @grylion54 and countless others))… I understand the need to control license miss use but there MUST be a better way. Nearly 99% of my support and help as come from this forum. If these folks leave the forum the Katalon Support team/folks will be dealing with a lot more requests for help and in my opinion it will be very difficult if not impossible to replace all the invaluable knowledge and expertise these contributors bring to the forum. Hopefully folks like @Elly_Tran and @vu.tran can communicate our feelings/thoughts to the Katalon leadership team. I too am saddened by this decision, but as Russ says, we will have to wait to see what senior leadership decides.


As long as Katalon hires more Helpdesk Support, then the community forum can be relaxed to just casual conversation and such, instead of technical questions.

Why we need to put our package in Keywords folder?We can put at test package in include/Scripts folder as well.
IMO, these steps I will do if I face this issue:

  1. Using another IDE, such as Visual Studio Code, and open my project
  2. Remove @Keyword annotations, keep the code with no change
  3. Using them as class in my project like:
    import my.package.mykeyword
    mykeyword mkw = new mykeyword()

You are right. Even in the v9.1, you can create arbitrary Groovy sources in the Include/scripts/groovy folder and call them from test cases.

I guess, Katalon just forgot to change the Include/scripts/groovy folder from free to premium feature. I guess that they would do that change at the next version 9.2. In that case, the BDD Testing with Cucumber must be turned to premium feature as well.

Well, that may work.
However, if that’s the case, lot of testcases have to be refactore for existing projects.

So, we go back to corner 1:

  • Why somebody still use Katalon free?
  • Why not just pick whatever IDE of choice and create his own framework top of groovy + selenium etc? Or whatever any other framework?
    Existing keywords are known to be buggy sometime …
    The recording feature is still unstable at the moment of writting …
    More and more features became paid …
    … and so on.

So, simply make Katalon totally paid and that’s all.

Makes sense.

Katalon Studio is not designed capable of fine-grained access controls.

I sincerely hope they fix this. We have just now after a year finally gotten to a decent coverage level. Having to restart again and move to another platform would be terrible.


You can pay. Follow their strategy. Then you don’t have to restart.


sure, why not? let us (the comunity) chill and just have fun!

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Katalon have been doing this for years. I fondly recall when it was all free.

The obvious answer for many people is don’t upgrade to 9.1 and you get to keep keywords.

Last ‘completelly’ free was 6.something, long time ago.
Started with 7.x the ‘dual’ plan was introduced and authentication for new users was disabled for 6.x, and later completelly disabled even for existing users.

I won’t be surprised the same will happen, authentication for 9.0 may still work for a while but later this version will be marked as no longer supported (so authentication disabled).
Therefore, I won’t bet on this option.
At least not for long term.

Is this practice can be a form of “ransomware”? imagine you have a pile of work that you’ve been building for a year or months for free since that’s they have offered you in the first place. Then suddenly KS will tell you that the codes you’ve worked independently - you cannot access that because you have to pay to access it. So your company is in the bind now to pay for your codes so you can use it. This is like a principle in the book The Hook Model.

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There is an official announcement coming. Until that happens, it’s best we let those acting on our behalf, time to finish the work they are doing.

Until then, I’m closing this topic.

Thanks for your understanding.