Custom Keywords Everyone Can Use


I was wondering if the community potentially had a list of custom keywords created by users that could potentially be used by anyone for any applications? If there is not a post containing or a document containing such things maybe this could be an anchored thread with such things. Thanks for the help and God Bless!

see here:

I have a Katalon Studio project stored and disclosed on GitHub which contains a set of Custom Keywords meant to be used by anyone:

I put a few “topics” to this github repository: katalon-studio, custom-keywords

Then, you can make a seach in GitHub for projects with topics with katalon-studio and custom-keywords by the following URL:

The search result showed 7 repositories which provides Custom Keywords to be shared by others.

I would suggest to those who have their own Custom Keywords to share public to do the same: bring the project into GitHub, and put “topics: katalon-studio custom-keywords”


Thank you for the collection. We’re building a place for people to share their Custom Keywords. Your ideas made me think of a place for people to show their wishlists.

Thanks all for the updates!