Some Friday meme

Just something to cheer up everyone’s day :laughing:

Keeping to the AI topic

That’s a good one :laughing:

Though to be fair, if we judge the artworks generated by AI art generators, not under the lens of realism, but rather surrealism (think Salvador Dalí), then they are doing a pretty darn good job.

A good video from Vox explains these AI generators’ shortcomings with hands really well…

And not just hands, but also abs and teeth (basically something with patterns).

Have you used these AI Art Generators to generate anything?

Also, I do wonder though whether the NFT bros will be using these model to generate a bunch of weird artwork and sell them as tọkens? :thinking: I dare you to challange (any) chatGPT to generate memes about … openAI, ofcourse :smiley:


“When ChatGPT becomes your therapist but also the reason why you need therapy.”

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Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a ChatGPT account so I had to resort to what was available, which was the Microsoft Image Generator. Apparently, it is based on DALL-E I had expected the results to be good … which turned out to be rather different than what I had expected.

The first time, I just straight up typed in what you suggested: “a meme about OpenAI or ChatGPT”, and got hit by a “content warning” pop up (see the image). Guess Microsoft did not want anyone to make fun of their, and their partners’, AI effort :person_shrugging:


For the second type, I typed in: “meme about AI” and got 4 meme-like images (visual-wise), but the content was all … gibberish. I truly think the image creator thought “AI” was a person and so just used AI (or what was close to the word itself) as a caption.

Everyone says that third time’s a charm, so for my third attempt, I typed in: “meme about artificial intelligence in english” and wellll, take a look for yourself…

I don’t know what the image of the woman on the upper left corner has to do with meme to be honest. The remaining 3 images now look like scenes from a film or TV series? And once again the captions were all gibberish. (I think it is Latin, or at least some very Old English :rofl: )

So it seems like these Text-to-Image generators are very good at generating landscape scenes or surrealist artworks, but they are still in the dark when it comes to generating images containing texts.

Just a final experiment I put in the prompt: “a sentence in english” and this time it was rather good. I could make out the letters, and some words like “sense” and “in”. Though whether the rest are english is debatable.

That’s enough AI for me for today, have a nice weekend folks :v:

So at least this AI implementation does not have the sense of humor.
Good for me, the humanity will probably survive, unless AI take the control

I am thinking of 2 scenarios: either the AI will becoming more human-like (hopefully not to the point of being self-aware) or that we integrate “smart” features into our own bodies :exploding_head: like Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip which is rather “transhumanist-ic”.

Either way, I am excited to see what the future will bring :sunglasses:

Another Friday another meme


hmmm, I am wondering if we could keep this topic going for as long as we could by just simply posting a meme/funny video on every Friday or at weekends.

And they need not to always be about AI anyway, maybe about software development, or testing in general, etc.

It would be cool (or funny as hell) if this topic turn out to be some kind of “chronicle” within the forum :rofl:

seems like coding/programming jobs will prevail for a long time to come. I do wonder if we could “write/code” a program that can write other programs, somethings like procedural generation in games, using simple prompts and such :thinking:

That sounds a lot like wishful thinking haha

Such already exist.
E.g there is a platform (forgot the name right now) for quick learning and using RaspberryPi devices.
The user drag and drop certain modes and the wiring, the platform generates under-the-hood code and run it

At a more low-level, that’s exactly what a compiler does.
From a template written in a ‘human comprehensive language’ , will generate the runnable code to be understood by the machine :smile:

what are you doing with 64 GB of RAM?
avoid the reality to play games…

I think Bill Gates had a similar sentiment back in '81 :laughing: