"CustomKeyword" is changed from free to premium feature?


Recently I got a waring message like “CustomKeyrowd can be used on Premium feature” in These days
is it true?
when plan was changed ?

and free user can’t see anything in Keyword folder.

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I will ask my team for the final answer on this issue. Related post: Custom Keywords which was supported in community versions (free KS version) will not be supported going forward - #4 by kazurayam


I sincerely hope that is NOT true. How are we meant to help people if a huge part of the solution space is behind a paywall?


If this is true, will disable one of the most appealing feature of Katalon, making the free version just a joke (and not a funny one)
So, better, just remove the free concept for this product to make things clear for the user from the beginning.
And close the door of the comunity, since will make us useless.


I am able to confirm this.
With katalon 9.0.0, I can create custom keywords for an existing project or for a new project and use them accordingly.

Anyway, opening the project with latest 9.1.0, the Keywords folder in Katalon is no longer accessible (apears empty altough I do have my keywords there) and I got the infamous mesage:


@albert.vu @vu.tran
Brilliant move!
What can I say more …


As of the latest 9.1.0, is CustomKeyword priced?

Why do I have to pay to Katalon for the code that I developed?

Possibly it’s time for me to say goodbye to Katalon.


Most likely, I will do the same.


I have got a guess why the “CustomKeyword” is changed from free to premium feature.

Recently in this forum we welcomed new active contributors titled @support.squad :

They are Katalon employees even though the above post calls them “contributors”.

They have proposed their solutions as a set of Groovy source codes under the “Keywords” folder. I guess, Katalon managements want the support.squad’s contributions to be premium for the paying users. So as of the v9.1, the Keywords folder is priced.

Unfortunately, Katalon Studio is not designed to distinguish 2 groups of Groovy classes under the “Keywords” folder:

  1. one is developed by Katalon employees: “support.squad”,
  2. another is developed by users: you and me.

It seems Katalon forgot or ignored the 2nd group.

Poor Katalon, you are too easy on changing the pricing scheme. And you should remember that your product lacks the ability of fine-grained access controls. Pricing by “folders” is a ridiculous idea.


Recently we got a series of post with the title starting with “[KShare]” by @support.squad .

For example, [KShare] Working with Google Authentication with Katalon Studio

They contributed a set of Groovy source codes that could be downloaded and located in the “Keywords” folder, and just run. Their work is excellent.

Now the Katalon management wants to charge users for the Custom Keywords developed by @support.squad. It is OK. The artifacts of @support.squad could be priced. I have no objection.

Now I remember, there is “Katalon Store”. Why not Katalon distributes the “[KShare]” artifacts through the channel of Katalon Store? The Katalon Store has some means of charging, don’t they?

Possibly Katalon do not like “Katalon Store” any more for some reasons. I have no idea why. To be honest, I know nothing about Katalon Store, how it is designed, how much it is productive. I am afraid the Katlaon Store is recently a storage of un-maintained garbages. Katalon should re-invent it.

Possibly @support.squad does not like building a jar that contains the binaries of Custom Keywords, which is bothersome; they do not like maintaining the repository server for their jars; they do not like authoring documentations. Possibly they thought it is a better idea that they distribute the Groovy sources via the Katalon Forum. Well, I agree with them as far as they agree distributing the source codes free.

By the way, I wonder how they are going to manage the updates of their solutions after the initial publication.

Could be.
However, with this lock, an user can no longer run testcases even with own previously developped keywords (and ofcourse cannot anymore maintain them or develop new ones)

I assume the logic may be, in the final pipeline, those will run with KRE, which needs a licence anyway.
So, it blocks the development of CustomKeywords by using just the free version, as some small business may do it.
Which makes Katalon just gredy.


Ah, it might be the case.

Previously, I made a post where I told to a man of a small business that he can develop Test Cases with custom Groovy classes in the Free version, and run it in KRE, so that he does not have to purchase the Katalon Studio Enterprise license.

Katalon wants to stop it. Likely.

It is like … I will use Intelij IDEA to develop groovy code, but I can no longer develop and use my clases, just scripts.
Very clever!

Time will tell, but personally, if i will be an user with such small bussines case, I will rather study the option to move to a free framework, than buying more licences.
To be noticed, writting CustomKeywords usually require some programming skills, so this feature it is not for ‘programming zero’ users. Therefore, with a bit of effort, migrating to other solution is doable.
So Katalon will sell 0 for my use case, but not more.


see also the referenced topic with the explanation given you found in the docs:

Also, effective August 1, we will be moving the capabilities of Custom Keywords and generating more than 40 Test Suites to the Enterprise version to more accurately reflect the intended purpose of the Free version, which is for individual usage only.

So, yeah, from the point of view of Katalon LLC, using free version for bussiness use is an infrigement.
Well, this is it, I doubt it is something we can do.
When the user start to use Katalon, no matter what version, implicitly agree with the licence terms.
So this move is actually a licence enforcement.
How fair it is? Well, this may be subject for a dedicated topic.
This translates in human language as ‘take it or leave it’

OK. Katalon Studio is their own proprietary product. I don’t mind.

I have been here in the Katalon User forum to help others. When I suggest solutions, I always assumed that we can create arbitrary Groovy classes (possibly without @Keyword annotation) under the “Keyword” directory and call them from test cases in the Script mode. I assumed that everyone including the Free version users can do it. As of v9.1 we can’t. KS offeres no customizability to those who don’t pay. Then I am no longer able to continue helping others here. All my previous contributions in this forum will be wasted

I am going to leave this forum sooner or later. So long, everyone.

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I am totally on your side on this.
I am just waiting for a while for the official answer, after that most likely will do same
Was a nice journey, so thank you @kazurayam for everything you did here up to now.
I learned a lot from you, believe it or not.
(altough my case is a bit different since i am no longer an active user, it is the same. we loose the trust in this product)
Hope we will meet on some other fields!


This post literally gave me an almost panic attack… That the 200 test cases that I have written in my work, and all the custom keywords / classes / models /… will have to end up being rewritten in some other library/framework, which would take literally years…

… But then I realized, that my work was paying for my Katalon Studio license this whole time, …

And after talking to the guy at work, he revealed to me that he let his Katalon license go because he realized they kept charging him more and more, and taking things away from the free version…

If this continues, we will have to go with intelliJ solutions… Or something similar… Which again will mean literally years of refactoring, on top of an application under test that keeps changing, either by the devs, or by Zoho …

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in my case, I have over than 400 test cases in project.
and I also develop CustomKeyword as Page Object Model.
so main engineers have Enterprise license and testers just have free version.
Now testers can’t run these test cases because of that message taht can’t use customkeyword on free version.
I hope everybody can use CustomKeyword.

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Don’t use them as custom keyword, use them as classes. And of course, it will take time to deal with the changes.

  • Remove the keyword annotation
  • Import that package, class to your script
  • scripting like: you-class.method/function

you can no longer create packages nor classes under the keywords folder with the free version, no matter if using the annotation or not.
and, AFAIK, it is the only place where an user can plugin own classes with this tool.

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Dear Russ, Kazurayam, Brandon, grylion54, and esteemed members,

@Russ_Thomas @kazurayam @Brandon_Hein @grylion54 @Dave_Evers @Andrej_Podhajsky @Mate_Mrse @Mark_Gibson @Harold_Owen @anon46315158

I hope this message finds you well. I want to express my deep gratitude for the immense support and guidance you’ve provided to all of us within this forum. Your contributions have been a beacon of inspiration during our automation challenges.

I’m saddened by the recent removal of the Keyword functionality in the free version of Katalon 9.1.0. I kindly request your assistance in conveying our collective sentiment to the Katalon management team, urging them to reconsider this decision.


Thank you for your unwavering support and everything you’ve done for this community.

Best regards,