Katalon Testsuite report Customization

I have a requirement to create a custom report with only a few things in the report and some extra information to be added to it.
Can someone guide me on how to create a custom report.

I have gone through this documentation but I didn’t get much information on how to create custom report.

Thanks in advance.

what do you need to add in the report exactly ?

hello @yoyox98
To start with I want to remove the TEST STEP for each testcase in the html report, and i wanted to show the TestCase result with just the status of the TestCase and not the TestSteps same like the TestSuiteScreenshot_2

Another sample project by me.

What is does is very similar to the https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio-sample-report-plugin

You should make a search in this forum with keyword
"custom report"

You will find many previous topics that said “I want to customise the report. How to do it?”
Please read them through. You would find that it is a tough task.