Cucumber multiple Scenario Outline - Execution Flow

Can you please look into this and provide the suggestion. I am working with Cucumber and Groovy in Katalon Studio. I have the cucumber feature file where it has MULTIPLE Scenario Outlines as mentioned below.

When I run the cucumber feature file, it should run the TestCase1 of first section in the scenario outline along with the steps and TestCase1 of second section in scenario outline.

But, it is running the first section of feature file TestCase1 and TestCase2 first. That means it is just loggining with given credentials and closing the browser.

For reference, below mentioned the step definition code also. Please look into this and suggest ASAP to proceed further as it is holding for long time.

Cucumber Feature File:

Feature: Title of your feature
I want to use this template for my feature file

Scenario Outline: Login into GMP Application
Given running indicator flag
And User is on GMP Application Login Screen
When User enters the in the Login
And User enters the in the password
And User clicks on the ok button
Then User logged in successful at Home Screen
| atid | pwd1 | runind | → Header
| nm1013 | test01g | Y | → TestCase1
| nm0313 | test02g | Y | → TestCase2

Scenario Outline: Click on the Create Inquiry Menu Item
Given User is on GMP Home Screen
When user click on the Inquiry menu item
And select the billing mode should be
And user click create inquiry item from the heading
Then it should displays create inquiry pagef
| contract | → Header
| GS00T07NSD0007 | → TestCase1
| GS00T07NSD0007 | → TestCase2

Step Definition

@Given(“running indicator flag (.*)”)
def run_indicator_flag(String ind1) {
println "Passing Indicator " + ind1

@And(“User is on GMP Application Login Screen”)
def user_on_GMP_Application_Login_Screen() {
boolean store2a
WebUI.navigateToUrl(‘https://URL’, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

@When(“User enters the (.*) in the Login”)
def user_enter_userid_in_the_Login(String uid) {
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/ORTC01/Page_/input_userid’),
uid, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

@And(“User enters the (.*) in the password”)
def User_enters_the_in_the_password(String pwd5) {
Repository/ORTC01/Page_/input_password’), pwd5,