Feature File Issue

I have written the below feature file in Katalon and coded the corresponding step definitions. But only the first Scenario Outline “Login in GMPA Application” is executing. The second set is not running.

How I should proceed to run it ? Please guide me on this ?

Feature: Title of your feature
I want to use this template for my feature file

Scenario Outline: Login in GMPA Application
Given User is on VAGB Application
When User enters the in the Login
And User enters the in the Password
And User clicks on the ok button
Then User logged in successful with

  | attid  |  password  |
  | rm0013 |  test989g  |

Scenario Outline: Verify the Home Page Menu Items
Given User is on VAGB Login Screen1
When User validate menu items Home View Govt Bill Govt Dispute Govt Reports Govt Inquiry Networx Transition1
And user click on Home item1
Then it should displays the VAGB message1