Generating report using each scenario in feature file

Hi Katalon,
we are taking BDD approach using cucumber ,we are executing multiple feature file in which multiple scenarios using we not able to generate proper report which gives description scenario by scenario.

code:test case code




@CucumberOptions(features = “include/features”, glue = “”,tags=“@Smoke”,

plugin =[“html:Reports”, “pretty”])

Hey Guys i am running TestSuite from command line getting this error
Not a file or directory: /Applications/Katalon]] . and my TestSuite consists of TestCases which has CucumberRunner class to load feautuere file which has scenarios in it with tags .

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 7.06.11 PM.png

Hi Santhosh,

I’m referring to the same report for BDD approach that you have been looking for, did you find out a solution for this?



Please let me know if anyone found solution for this approach. In my project also we are using same approach CucumberKW. runWithCucumberRunner. Need help in generating the reports for each scenario when exceuting multiple feature files.

Regards and Thanks,
Veena Naluvala