Copy-Paste with Katalon Studio


I’m creating some test cases with Katalon studio and I would like to understand if it was possible to make, maybe with some keywords, the copy paste of text.



There really aren’t any copy and paste functions, but the same would be accomplished using the getText and setText functions. You would read the chosen text from the source element into a variable using getText, then located the target element and use setText.

This would accomplish the same function as copy/paste.

If that’s not quite on target, do you have a specific example of what you are trying to do?

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no, i haven’t a specific example. So, can I do copy/paste with the ‘Send Keys’ command?

yes, you can use ‘send keys’ to do that.
⇧ Shift+Delete - cut
Control+Insert - coppy
⇧ Shift+Insert - past

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