Katalon Studio Paste from Mac Clipboard

I am very new to Katalon and to automated testing.
I have a test case where a QR code link is copied using a copy link button within the dashboard then it is pasted using an “insert link” function whereby the copied link is then pasted into a specific text box, which I have used the following

WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Events/EmbeddedLink/Page_UAT Dashboard/Event_button_Insert Link’))
WebUI.waitForElementPresent(findTestObject(‘Events/EmbeddedLink/Page_UAT Dashboard/Event_Inputdescription_LINK’), 0)
WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Events/EmbeddedLink/Page_UAT Dashboard/Event_Inputdescription_LINK’))
WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘Events/EmbeddedLink/Page_UAT Dashboard/Event_Inputdescription_LINK’), Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL,
When the test it played back it all works except the sendKeys…Keys.chord(Keys.Control, 'v"))
Note the Xpath object is //input[@id=‘fr-link-insert-layer-url-2’]
How can I simulate the manual steps of pasting a link into a specific weblink text box?
note: the QR Code link is unique each time the test case is run, which is why part of the test has to be to copy and paste


Anyone please support the case.

As minimum, you need to read a text from the clipboard buffer. The following post shows my solution to do it.

Hi to confirm the copy and paste step, the link is a QR code link within the software dashboard, copied using the programs copy button which then needs to be pasted within an event notification using an editor “insert link” not sure that the above solution will work in this instance, is there no way of implementing a simple control+v?

I have never studied a case like yours. I have no more idea.

I could make a search in DuckDuckGo for “Selenium CTRL+V”, which replied many pages like

But I do not know if it solves your problem.

Also, to simulate control+v, you may want to have a look at “java.awt.Robot” class of Java.