Controls are not visible after first page of the app


I am using Katalon studio to automate Xamarin Forms based hybrid app in iOS simulators. The technical details are given below.

Katalon version: 7.2.2
Appium version: 1.16.0
Mac version: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Xcode Version: 10.1
Device used: iphone 8 simulator (iOS 12.1)
Xamarin Forms (for app development):

Issue description: While trying to spy controls from the app, it is working fine in login screen, which is the first screen of the app. But once logged in, in the home page none of the controls are getting identified. Katalon is identifying basic phone controls like - wifi, battery, etc. But none of the application controls. Does anyone face this same kind of issue with Xamarin Forms app? Please suggest.


Hi @vinu.chandran

When you say that Katalon is unable to identify, what do you mean ? Since one of the problems on mobile recorder is that maybe when you click on an object Katalon will highlight a larger area, which may lead you to believe that it’s unable to identify the object. Please confirm this.

Also, there is a panel containing the entire object tree of the application (at a particular point in time), in that tree most likely you will find a lot more objects than what you can interact through the mobile recorder.

@ThanhTo please check the attached screenshot. Katalon may be identifying the whole window of the application. But there is no tree structure within any of the objects. Instead, it identified WiFi, Battery, etc.

Hello, @may Any update on this issue?