Continue Recording with "Record Web" after PlayBack in an open window


i am a newbie to Katalon, so maybe I just did a mistake here.

I managed to record and play back test cases without any problem. After the play back I couldn’t start “Record Web” again. As far as i understood I had to install the “Katalon Recorder (Selenium IDE for Chrome) 3.1.2” extension, which I did. The extension is active (in the toolbar) when I start a “normal” chrome window. The general Chrome option “More tools” - “Manage Extension” and the “Manage extensions” option using the tool bar icon of the “Katalon Recorder” is accessible to manage all chrome extensions as usual.

On the other hand, when the window is generated using Katalon Studio by playing back a test case the only extension available is the “Chrome Automation Extension”. Even the general Chrome option “More tools” - “Manage Extension” is grayed out in that Chrome windows. When trying to access the other extensions using the “Chrome Automation Extension” tool bar icon the only extension shown is the “Chrome Automation Extension”.

When using the “Web Recorder” of “Katalon Studio” now and trying to record using “Active Browsers” - “Chrome” option a dialog is always shown that I either have to “Install extension” or “Continue recording”.

The “Install extension” option leads me to the extension page of “Katalon Recorder (Selenium IDE for Chrome) 3.1.2”.

When I choose “Continue recording” and “Record (active browser)” is shown in the top bar of the “Web Recorder” I can only record from the “normal” chrome windows (not opened with Katalon Studio") but NOT from the window generated by the playback in Katalon studio. But what I want is obviously the other way around - to start from where the playback ended and extent the test case.

How can I do that? Maybe it’s very simple but it’s not obvious to me.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for the feedback. I want to apologize for the late response. I’ve moved this discussion to the right subforum. Currently, I believe we don’t have that capability, but this is a great feature suggestion and we will work on it in the future.

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I’ve ran into this too with Chrome. I can record and playback fine, but if I want to play back a test case and start from that point for the recording, even with (active browser) set for either the new recording or spy web, it does not find the correct session and/or browser. It always a brand new session / browser each time and then it asks to install the klaxon recorder for chrome even though it is installed already. This can be seen as counter intuitive for a product that is built for automation. You should be able to playback something and continue recording without having to manually get there by “hand”. I hope I am missing something.


I was seeing the same issue.
With Vinh Nguyen’s help I was able to get this working.
The solution is at the bottom of the posting.

Is there some progress done with this feature? Not a lot of people are able to record a perfect test right from the beginning.

Still waiting for this feature