Connect Git repository from azure

I’m running into problems when trying to add my repo from Azure, I get below message when I hit the create button.

com.katalon.kit.exception.KaException: 404 NOT_FOUNDThe resource cannot be found.

The connection button runs fine through and branch and name is correct.
The pat has full access, so that don’t seem to be the problem.

Thank you for your question. We are on it. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, other members will see your public post and they might jump in to support. Best,

Any update on this? I am seeing the same error

Same error for me. It there any update?


This issue is caused by the Azue repo URL you use. Please do not use the old Azure repo URL which is As Katalon doesn’t recoginze this old URL, that’s why the 404 NOT_FOUND is shown when saving the repository.

Since Microsoft did rebranding of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) as Azure DevOps long time ago, could you please check with your team and switch to the new URL Here is the guide to do that:


After switching successful, please go to repo click on Clone icon and copy the HTTPS URL then setting it up again in Katalon TestOps

With the, Katalon can connect successfully:


Hope this can help!

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