Can't clone Azure DevOps repo

I am a new Katalon Studio user and I am trying to “Clone Git Project” without success. It’s showing as an auth failure. What URL do I need to provide for the repo? This is an on premise DevOps install.

I have setup a repo named “Testing” and I am trying to use my URL in the format: https://[]/myCollection/myProject/_git/Testing)

I am prompted 3 times for my credentials, and then get the error:

Transport Error. An error occurred when trying to contact https://[]/myCollection/myProject/_git/Testing. See error log for more details

Possible reasons:

  • Incorrect URL
  • No network connection
  • .get is missing at the end of the repository URL
  • SSL host could not be verified

Hi @tkaminski

Please follow this document and see if you can connect to Azure Repos successfully.

Happy Testing