How to clone Git in Katalon Studio

When I try to clone in Katalon Tool, it shows up the following error. Can you help me out in this?

Is your repo hosted on TFS/DevOps as GIT?
I have that scenario where we have to host the repo on DevOps in GIT config. The issue trying to clone via Katalon UI is that it only accepts URLs with a .git extension. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to add that to the DevOps repo URL.

A workaround I managed to do was to install Git for Windows and use Git CMD to clone (does not require a .git extension). Initialize a new folder that will be where you host your local and add your project in there.

My current issue is that I’ve done this a few months ago and I have replicated the process with a coworker’s local and we are able to clone and open the project, but it is not connected to Azure and gives a ‘cannot open git upload pack’ error, possibly due to a misstep on my end.

Either way, a workaround would be via Git CMD.

I am having the same issue as described above.

On a Windows VM - I can connect/clone git repo with command line (Git Bash). I tried adding global flag for “http.sslVerify” to false to see if this would remedy it but no luck.

@kdaggs0207 has pointed out “…Katalon UI is that it only accepts URLs with a .git extension.” I just wanted to confirm this is the case since the doc states the following are supported:

  • Github.
  • Gitlab.
  • Bitbucket.
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Has anyone else been able to connect Katalon Git ‘integration’ to a Azure Dev Ops repo when the repo does not end in “.git”?