Can't connect to Azure Repos while creating new Git repository in TestOps

Actual Katalon TestOps version as of 04/25/2022.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. create Azure Repos with Katalon project;
  2. go to Test Ops Configuration;
  3. go to Script Repository section;
  4. click on the button Create Git Script Repository;
  5. in Source Type select Azure Repos;
  6. fill up all inputs correctly;
  7. click Connect;
  8. after successful connection select branch of your Azure Repos project;
  9. give name of project and fill description (description is not neccesery);
  10. click Create.

Expected behavior:
New Git Repository created correctly.

Actual behavior:
404 NOT_FOUNDThe resource cannot be found

I conducted a negative test with the credentials in order to make sure that the credentials I used was correct.
I used PAT with all permissions.
Temporarily I switched to GitHub and that works nice. But I can’t use GitHub all the time, because our team use Azure Repos.


Thank you for posting this, I have escalated this internally to see if we can get some assistance on this topic.
Best, Sara

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Hi n.naumchik,

TestOps currently have full support for Azure DevOps.
The 404 NOT_FOUNDThe resources that cannot be found should be the return from the Azure site which means some problem occur on Azure site

We will troubleshoot from our site, meanwhile, could you recheck that to make sure everything working fine on Azure, especially getting the right URl from this section.


Hi all,

I have the same problem witch add our Azure devops repositories. I check all, correct URL, correct username and PAT.
Connect to Azure DevOps is correctly a see al our branches under Katalon project but if i choose any branch and touch button Create a give back the same error log.
Can you help me please?
Do you have any solutions this problem?

Thank you,

Can you give us the URL you filled in? It is very helpful for us in investigation

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I give you URL who i filled in but i must anonymizing some information: image

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