Compile katalon script in eclipse is possible?

hello is possible to compile katalon script in jva to eclipse for create a jar?

for your interest, see

It depends on your requirement.

In my case, I have ever tried to do, in Eclipse, junit-based test of Groovy code as custom keywords which calls com.kms.katalon.core.* class:

Eventually I gave it up, because I found 2 fundamental difficulties:

  1. Katalon does not provide a distributable jar which contains the com.kms.katalon.core.* libraries portable to Eclipse. Therefore some of my classes referring to com.kms.katalon.core.* does not compile in Eclipse at all.
  2. Some of my classes required interaction with browsers through WebDriver. I could not make it possible in Eclipse. I found it is easiest to do in Katalon Studio.

you can create a jar of *.class files of your custom keywords by adding and running a Gradle buiild within your katalon studio project. You can see an example of mine here:

Do you want to make a jar of *.class files of “test cases” of your katalon project and export it to another katalon project?

It is not practical.

Katalon Studio expects the source of test cases in the <projectDir>/testcases and <projectDir>/Scripts directories. Katalon Studio compiles a test case source into an executable format. It does not look into external jar files for *.class files of your test cases.

However copying the source code files of your “test case” from one to another katalon project works. It results just the same as you do copy and paste test case sources manually into another project.
The following Gradle build file of mine is an example of doing copy source codes into a zip file to export. See createVTComponents task at line#140.