How do I compile the project via gradle/maven?

I’d like to share the results of this build to other machines. how do i do a straight compile of the groovy files?

you cannot.

You should store the project into a remote GitHub repository. Then you want clone the project into other machine. Have a look at the following comment of mine:

See the following document for Katalon Studio - Git integration:

is there documentation stating this?

I think there is no documentation which states “you can not compile the Katalon project via gradle/maven”. Will you ask why? Simply because Katalon does not use gradle/maven at all. So your question is pointless.

Katalon Studio is built upon Eclipse. Katalon compiles Groovy codes into *.class binary files using Eclipse’s Groovy support.

so i should be able to compile via groovy gradle task. thats what im trying to do. compile without katalon.

You can open a Katalon Studio project on your disk drive with Eclipse or Intellij-IDEA and compile groovy codes without Katalon. Have a look at the following discussion:

All I wanted to achieve through that discussion was running JUnit tests for my custom keywords. We did not discuss how to build a jar.

I would foresee it is possible but a tough task to utilize the Gradle groovy task for a Katalon Studio project. Why? — the first difficulty I see is, because the directory structure of a standard Katalon Studio project is completely different from the Gradle standard. There could be more of difficulties.

@kazurayam so which tool do you suggest to do build automation of katalon project?

I do not see what you want to do.

You want to build a katalon project? — then I think Katalon Studio is the only one tool that is capable of it. You don’t like it? Why? Please describe.

What do you mean by saying “build automation”?

I loved Katalon; I have introduced this tool for doing E2E testing in my organization and possibly going to buy support as well in near future.

DevOps team is trying to bring node version management to katalon project and hence looking for options ? ( gradle seems to be an option too)

P.S. Honestly, i dont see much significance in doing so or rather don’t see the need OR May I ask why do people use gradle with katalon ??_

What do you mean by this?

Do you mean just that DevOps team requires your katalon project to be version-controlled using Git backed by some remote repository? What else do they require?

I meant DevOps team requires Katalon project ( meaning the test cases and suites) to be automatically versioned so that it gets tagged as per the release. ( and hence it will give flexibility to run any (back-dated) release specific TCs/TSs too)

if you keep the project in git, when a milestone is reached you can tag it and do a release. that will create an archive of your current code. so, when running it from CI you can just grab the release and unpack it instead of git pull

You can do version-control over any Katalon Project using Git.Many people does it. So Git is your option.

Gradle lets you perform a sequence of tasks like this:

Gradle is not a version-control system.

see also some tips and tricks here on how to checkout by tag:

We are using Git ! But version gets assigned only during check-in and we are talking about the automatic versioning. Here are the actual words :wink:

“we need to version your (testing team’s) source code and increase the version for each of build. That’s where we are talking about, as the JIRA says, “version management”. Therefore, we need some thing that can increase and manage versions automatically, not by modifying a text file manually, the version management tool will be triggered by jenkins. So that’s why you can use any tool that can manage versions. If you (testing team) prefer node, it’s fine, or if you(testing team) prefer java based (mvn/gradle), you(testing team) don’t need to have a node environment, then you(testing team) can simiply use Katalon native runtime environment.”

Thanks. Already using this approach :slight_smile:

Who wrote this? Your DevOps team?

you can do tagging straight from jenkins

Yeah. You are right!