Comparing Page outputs

I am attempting to test the output from a system configuration page.
In the Administration page, there are various options (30+) to select items for the configuration.

In the final published page, the options that were selected are displayed in a config page.

How do I test that the selections in the Administration page matches the selections in the final output page.

Currently I am looking at writing the individual Administration selections to an external file and then using this to compare the results in the final published page - but I am sure there is a more efficient way.

Any help gladly recieved.

It’s hard to grasp what you’re trying to do from just that much information - screenshots would help a lot.

That said, if you gather the items from the Admin page into an array/list, you can iterate over them on the config page using Verify Text Present:

If that’s not what you had in mind, more clues please…

Thanks - I’ll take a look at loading them into an array list for comparison.