Compare Data from different page

Hi all,

I want to create such test case:

1 Store data from account ( available amount )
2 make transfer from the account
3 store new/changed data from account ( new available amount )
4 compare these two “Old” and “New” data , if they differ with transfer amount, then test case will pass if not, then will fail

i had such test case in selenium IDE using commands like:
storeText / storeEval / assertEval ( new Number(storedVars[‘amount1r’]) - new Number(storedVars[‘amount2r’]) ==10 )

can it be done in Katalon ? is there any commands for this ?

Thanks in Advance

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String OriginalFieldValue = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(’/object/name’), “value”, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject(/object/name), ‘value’, OriginalFieldValue , 2);

This type of request is going trendy, and the following feature may suits your needs. If you think it does, you may upvote it for Katalon guys to add it in a further release :

hey ,plz help me with the command to verify wether the same name from different funv=ction match

example -i have a page called patient details page
there the name of patient is -xyz
the same name xyz have to verify and match with the other page called order test page of the same portal