How to compare two entire pages

hi ppl, i need to compare two diferent versions of a web instance, and need match the entire pages

Perhaps you should use an application that can compare text, like MS Word, Notepad++ or Beyond Compare.

There are probably lots that you can search for.

Right click on the page and select “View Code” or “View Page Source”. Copy and paste it into your application of choice.

My solution is here:

This demo project demonstrate how to automate

  1. visiting multiple URLs,
  2. taking full page screenshot,
  3. scraping HTML source of web pages,
  4. storing those materials into local storage;
  5. then later do comparison of material pairs.

You can compare pages of the Development env and the Production env, or you can compare pages of the Production env before/after a deployment of new software version. These process is entirely automated.

The report gives me a diff of HTML sources scraped out of the web apps in action:

text diff

It enables me to compare screenshot images as well:

image diff

See a sample test report in action

My solution can run on the Free version of Katalon Studio.

My solution is applicable to Mobile & Web Service (JSON, XML) apps, not only to WebUI.

My solution does not depend on KS. It can run on other tool set on JVM. E.g, WebDriver + GEB + Spock + Groovy + Gradle .

The current version of my solution (to be precise, the materialstore library) requires JVM. It does not work with tests written in native Python & Node.js. I am going to reinvent it in Rust so that it works with other tools, such as Python + robot framework, JavaScript/Typescript + Playwright.