Data Testing with same script

I am the new user of katalon, my supervisor told me to test data. The problem that I faced is I didnt know what is the command to test different data in same script. I created a test case and run my script for 3 times with different data, If I change the data in the excel file, what is the command I need to insert to compare my data is matched with the existing data. If the data is not matched the report will prompt error. Hope you guys can help me to solve it. URGENT !!!

Welcome to Katalon.

I am not sure that you have given enough context detail for us to answer.

Have you created a “Test Suite” with binding variables between the “Data File” and the “Test Case” as follow ?

Please also pay attention to the “Data Iteration” column in the “Test Suite” bindings (all rows of the “Data File” or only some of them)

If nothing above helps you, please give us more detail about the application you’re testing. Is it a Web, a mobile app or even a webservice ? Depending on that context, Katalon offers you several verification Keywords (what you’ve called “command” ?) like VerifyElementText