Verify data on excel sheet

I have an export file and I need to verify particular data in that sheet. When exported, it can be anywhere on the sheet. Someone can help with this how-to verify.



I am afraid your question is too ambiguous to follow.

Why not you to try this plugin and solve your question.

If you get any error on your code, then share your code and error messages here. We will be able to read it and help you to solve the error.

Thanks, @kazurayam, I verified the excel plugin. But that is not helping me.

But somehow I need to verify that data in excel. As in my project, multiple excel writers are used, the data cannot be in the same position.

Could you please any alternate solution?

Do you mean, you want an “easier” solution?

I am afraid, there isn’t any out-of-box solution that could solve your problem auto-magically.

not looking for an easier solution.

I understood there is no ready-made method. Thanks for your support

Katalon Studio has no ready-made solution for Excel. KS is not good at Excel at all.

WinMerge has a feature of comaparing 2 Excel sheets.

In my opinion, this is the only “out-of-box” solution to “check” an Excel sheet.

If you need more sophisticated verification, I suppose you have to help yourself.

@kazurayam i am not looking solution for comparing 2 Excel Sheets.

I my application i will input the data and then i have to export the data and verify the inputted data is available in excel sheet. after Export it can be available at any cell in the sheet.

Just i need to verify the data is available or not.

You just want your Katalon Test case to read an Excel file and look into it to find a cell. Then I think that is the only thing you need to add to Katalon Studio. Then you need to write sufficient amount of code in Groovy. There is no “out-of-box” solution available.

Sure Thanks!