Comment in Katalon Studio


Is it possible to make a comment in katalo studio colored ? Like how Warning looks yellow , Error looks Red and so. Or can I somehow hide some part of code so it should not appear in report ?

@kazurayam @Brandon_Hein @Russ_Thomas Is there any solution you guys can share. I know I am being selfish but I feel it would be a valuable thing when we share test reports with non tech users and they can just read the comments passed in execution. For e.g We have test environments and the test data on them is cleaned weekly because the same environments are used by multiple teams and most of them want a clean start. Before I started using Katalon and when there was no automation the new test data was added using SQL queries and the functionality of test environment was verified manually. After Katalon Studio was implemented I started adding test data through front end using Automation Scripts. Once the test suites are done I share the execution report with different teams who can then see which test user is matching with which user case and so on. It would be very beneficial for them if the test data is highlighted for them in any colour.

I have no immediate solution to your requirement.

This issue should be moved to the “Feature / Improvement Suggestions” category.

In Does Katalon support integration of other reporting frameworks such as, Allure or Extent Report? If yes, how?, Vinh_Nguyen once mentioned that

support the integration of other reporting frameworks currently. However, this feature is a part of our expansion in the future.