How to include a default comment block settings in katalon studio when creating a new testcase

Hi all,

Can anyone please guide me with this requirement:-

AIM:- Want to include some default comments when i create a new testcase in Katalon Studio.

When ever i try to create a new testcase, i want these comments to prepopulate in my testcase text editor.
Example :-1:
** * Description : Functional Test Script**
** * @author : “Name”**
** * Script Name : “Script Name”**
*** Generated : “Date” **


There is nothing in Katalon that will do this (I’m pretty sure).

I do something similar using AutoHotKey (Windows only). I type “Test…” and all the default imports are removed and all the boilerplate code I use is written into the test case.

Hi Russ,
Thanks for your help.
I do not want to remove the default imports from the test case editor window, I would like to add the comments as well.
I will look into autohotkey as well and see if i can find some solution.

AHK will do what you need with ease.

Thank you Russ.