Code still running but the UI does not move(It still in login screen even though code is running at the another screen)

I start test case to login to my desktop application and after login successful. I will be moved to another screen. Login screen → screen A

Testcase is running. After entering username and password. The application still loading but code is running next next line without waiting for the application. Code is running on screen A. and UI is on login screen

Does not anyone get the same issue and how can fix it. Please help me!!!


I think you should use the waitForPageLoad keyword: [WebUI] Wait For Page Load | Katalon Docs

If you are running a Desktop App test script, then within the Script page, you can just type:
“Windows.” and as soon as you type the period at the end, then intellisense will pop-up and give you a list of all commands you can use (as long as you have the below import statement) . Scroll through the list and look for items that “switch to” another window.

import as Windows

WindowsBuiltinKeywords (Katalon Studio API Specification)