How can I write code in katalon for windows apps "waitforpageload" & "waitforElementVisible"


I’m getting hard time to find a keyword for wait for element visible and wait for page load for windows apps testing.

Please guide me

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So this method is working. Maybe not the best but it solves the problem.

 public static void waitForOK(){
 		boolean flag = true
 		while (flag){
 			try {
 				flag = false                                         'Object Repository/DESKTOP/Button_Popup_OK'))
 		        catch (err)
 				flag = true
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I have a pretty similar issue.
In my case, I should force the test to wait until a user makes some hardware operations that will follow with a desktop application to show the defined element. (near 30-60 seconds)
Katalon should catch it and proceed test case.

My best shot for a while is a loop with a locator attempt, which ignoring exceptions.

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but how can I pass windows test object as parameters.

Windows test object is the same type as any other object. You can store it in a variable like

def button = findWindowsObject(‘Object Repository/DESKTOP/Button_Popup_OK’)