Clicking a button takes minutes to respond

I have been working with this issue for DAYS!

I need to work on actual testscripts. But the very fist button i need to click takes MINUTES before it’s finally clicked.

So every textcases takes several minutes before testing begins.

I have read every help on this subject i could find. I tried to use Spy mobile. That is the only way i finally managed to grab the button.

  1. I use Object spy for Android mobile. For 1 button i get 4 android.view,View. I have no idea which one so i tried them all. 3 of them completely froze up my Katalon for MINUTES. And 1 actually found something (And i have over 20 of these types of buttons in my app. Most of them generating 8+ android.view,View So that’ll take days…

  2. First i tried ‘Local Strategy’ Attribute and click Generate. I see in the field below it gives me a locator. Problem solved you think. Nope. If i try clicking ‘Highlight’ Katalon is unable to find the element it just generated the code for…

3 So i triy ID. Click Generate. It creates the correct ID. Hurray? Nope. I click ‘Highlight’. Again Katalon doesn’t find the element it just generated it’s own code for…

The most infuriating thing. The button has a plain and simple ID!!! But i cannot use ID??? I have checked in google dev tools. It has an ID. Only shows up once and it always the same. Yet Katalon can’t find it? Why?

4 So i try Android UI Animator. Katalon generates the locator but can’t find it anymore when i click ‘Highlight’.

  1. Alright. X-path it is… I have to wait around a minute and it finds it. Halleluya.

So this is the ONLY THING that workes. Thing is, the page is small. There is really very little HTML/CSS. So you would think that now that i save this in the Object repository it wouldn’t take minutes to find it. But it takes 3 to 4 minutes anyway.

I have tried to make my own object from scratch. Just point to the damn ID. But no, Katalon can’t find it!

I am at a total loss. I have been working with Katalon for several days now. I cann’t solve this issue. But i must solve it. It is simply not possible for every time i need to press a button the systems hangs for over 3 minutes. A testsuite would take hours! I can’t use Katalon if a daily test-run takes up the whole day.

I hope i get some help with this topic at least. I have emailed Katalon several times over the last 2 weeks. I think my email get’s in the spam folder as not even a polite ‘First send us money’ email. Just 0 response…

Just wondering if, like you missed the fact you’re posting in the wrong forum category, you might have missed something obvious? :upside_down_face:

I can’t help since I don’t use the spy tools - but I can move your post.

I posted in mobile testing for a mobile testing question.

What cat should i have posted it?

Is that why i do not recieve replies to any of my posts?

Funny thing is, i tried opening the app in Chrome.

Took me less then a minute to create the script. When i ran it it ran perfectly. Found all the buttons in a instant and clicked on them to! Fast and no errors whatsoever.

It seems Katalon is just not a testtool suitable for mobile testing.

“mobile test slow” — it is a frequently asked question.

If you make a search in this forum with key “mobile slow”, you would find many previous posts on this issue. Please have a look at them. You may find something informative for you.

Among others I found the following post is interesting:

You wrote that your App runs native on a Mobile device, and also in a PC Browser. It runs on multi-platforms. How is it possible? Is it developed using Multiplatform frameworks such as Apache Cordova?