Capturing mobile element on Android device take long time

While I use the spy feature to capture android elements.
Some of the elements I can get it fast as usual, But some of them take a long time to get object properties.

I selected “android.widget.EditText” it take around 1-2 second
Then I selected “android.widget.FrameLayout” and it took around 1 minute.

If someone has experience with this case please tell me.

OS : macOS 10.15.1
Katalon version : 7.7.2
Appium version : 1.14.0
APK : facebook apk

Hi @newBieTester,

When preparing the object’s locator, Katalon Studio tries using various locators: Accessibility ID, UiLocator, XPath… and it will take some time to process. The process is quite long if the locator is XPATH only, we agree with this issue.

We will improve this process in the near release.

Thanks for your report.

Okay I got it.
Thank for your reply.

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