Click problem


I have a simple TestCase with the following sentences:

The test case is executed correctly but the click doesn’t have any effect (a new page should be shown)

If I add a one second delay between the wait and the click sentences, the page is shown

The problem occurs on Firefox because I test the same case on Chrome and I don’t need to add the delay



in waitOfElementClickable set timeout to 3 (at least)

In waitOfElementClickable I set the value of the timeout to “0”. In that case should be applied the default value. In our case 30 seconds.

The problem is Katalon says that the click is applied but we don’t see the effect (in our test case the open of a new page)


is there any error? seems strange… how you verify that page is opened?

No, there isn’t errors. When I execute the same test case with Chrome, the page is opened but with Firefox, although the log says that the click is applied, the click doesn’t open the page.

Any updates on this topic?

Getting similar response over here.