WaitForElement - does not work as required

I have converted all my test cases coded purely in Selenium to Katalon tests. However one issue I am facing is that I had used “Wait For Element Clickable” or “Wait For Element Present” or any such Wait item, everywhere in my Selenium cases and here when I use the same, it does not quite work. It does not wait for the timeout given and immediately shows the test as failed if it does not find the element immediately. Instead if I use “delay” with the same timeout seconds, it works. And because of this I am facing timeout issue and most of my cases in Katalon when run together in a test suite are failing. This problem did not occur in Selenium cases.


I find the same as mentioned above. Could someone please reply to this. Delay works for me as well but not for wait for element present or clickable.

Me too. WaitForElementXXX doesn’t work, but if i execute the command alone (right-click–>execute) it works well.

By the way, kantu for chrome, very similar to katalon recorder, waits 10 seconds for every element before fail action. That’s great feature.

did anyone here figure this out? :slight_smile:

Can I see your execution logs? By the way, any ‘Wait’ keyword from Katalon Studio will not have warning status in case the element can’t be found/visible… etc because it just wait for the element.

I’ve also tried to use ‘Wait For Element Present’ keyword and it does wait within timeout (30 seconds), so can I see your execution logs and your steps?

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 16.27.39.png

What I have found, through experiencing the same issue, is that my path in findTestObject(…) was incorrect. This causes a java null exception to be thrown. At first glance it appears that the wait is not waiting, but in truth, the execution stops due to the null error with finding the object.

Was this solved? I am experiencing the same issue using the Wait for element Visible command. It does seem like the Wait for Element Present command, but Wait For Element Visable/Clickable does not wait for the full timeout

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