Change report message from Katalon to Slack

Can anyone help me, is there a way to change/customize the test report summary message template from Katalon to Slack?

I want to add a sentence there so it seems better.

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Hi alief,

Surely we have documents for customizing the report, you can check it out here.
The plugin is also open-sourced here.

Ok, thank you chrisstu

Hi @chrisstu I followed the links you posted and Katalon Docs only describe how to setup the integration itself. There’s no detail about customizing the message format or content to Slack. While the plugin is open-source, it hasn’t been updated in over a year. There are 7 open PRs and 4 open Issues on Github that haven’t been reviewed by Katalon’s dev team. Is that something you could personally assist with?

I’ve used the search forum here and there have been 6-8 threads asking the same general question over the last couple of years but no one ever addresses it. Our company would really benefit from seeing additional detail on the Slack messages such as:

  • OS / Browser
  • Execution Profile
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