A more detailed slack report from KSE?

I’m seeing few of these post/request…but Katalon hasn’t done anything about them.

Is there a way to get the execution environment in the slack report? Right now it has a basic summary. Would probably be nice to have lists of failures as well?

Test Execution profile:  Dev site
Total test cases: 25
Total failures: 2
           - TC01: sample tc  FAILED
           - TC05: sample test. FAILED
Total error: 0
Total skipped: 0




Currently, we have not supported the customization yet. It is sad to say so. I will check with my team if we can raise feature request for this. Thank you!


Any update on this? It’s discouraging to see Katalon keeps raising prices and licensing models and when there’s a request for a feature, we get no answers or solutions for it. What do we need to get this requirement front of someone at katalon?