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first of all I want to give a big \"THANK YOU\" for making Katalon Studio available for FREE.

I am currently testing your product and ran into an inconvenience (or maybe I just don\'t know the right shortcut). When recording with the katalon recorder (using Firefox or Chrome) there comes the need to insert a validation point e.g. for checking if a certain object exists. At this point I don\'t have the object captured so far, so I looked for a way to capture this object.

But I am not able to do so. The shortcut that one can use inside the Spy Web Tool doesn\'t work in the katalon recorder.

Is there a simple way to capture an object? I think this is a ver important feature that may keep us from switching to Katalon.

You’re welcome!

Hi James,

We understood your scenario and will consider about it.

Thank for your contribution, James.

Thank you for your response.

I know that objects are automatically captured when performing an action on them.

But in my case I just need to capture an element that I will never click or input.


I do a login test. I have 20 steps until I reach a page where I just want to check if a certain element has a certain text. After that the test proceeds with another say 20 steps and then there is an element which has to be present.

The two elements that I want to verify are never clicked and there is no input or other action on them. So these elements are not captures during recording. I need to start the Spy Web Tool and go through all these 40 steps again just to capture the two elements that I need in my repository to verify them. After that I have to modify my recorded test appropriately. That’s very time consuming (and at least a bit annoying) :wink:

Even Selenium has a context menu from which you can choose validation points including the capturing of the elements you want to verify. Similar functionality is e.g. in Telerik Test Studio and Ranorex.

So, my FEATURE REQUEST for the Katalon recorder is to add a shortcut or a context menu which enables one to capture an element like in Spy Web Tool. Because this would enable me to do validation during recording.

I think that this would give a great boost in productivity.

But nonetheless, Katalon Studio really is a great tool yet, that you are offering for FREE to the community.

Thank you so much !!!

Hi Jame,

In recorder mode, the object is automatically captured after users interacted with the object (click, input,…) so you don’t need to capture manually.

Beside that, users can edit the generated test case (add a validation point for this case) after the recording completed.


I also would like very much this verification shortcut to be added. Especially for screen validation test scripts where you only verify the element displays on the screen.