Katalon Recorder



first of all I want to give a big "THANK YOU" for making Katalon Studio available for FREE.

I am currently testing your product and ran into an inconvenience (or maybe I just don't know the right shortcut). When recording with the katalon recorder (using Firefox or Chrome) there comes the need to insert a validation point e.g. for checking if a certain object exists. At this point I don't have the object captured so far, so I looked for a way to capture this object.

But I am not able to do so. The shortcut that one can use inside the Spy Web Tool doesn't work in the katalon recorder.

Is there a simple way to capture an object? I think this is a ver important feature that may keep us from switching to Katalon.

Hi James,

You can record all your actions and create a test case, then you use Object Spy to capture all your objects need to be verified. After that, you can modify your test case by adding your validation steps using captured objects in Object Spy.