Capture all web objects from page

Hi, I’m trying to write a series of tests to validate data (text, images, and urls). Is there a way to quick capture all objects on the page instead of going through spy web?

Same question here. Is there a way to capture all objects on a page or do they have to be done one at a time?

It is possible in WebDriver.

System.setProperty("", "C:\\path\\to\\chromedriver.exe")WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver()DriverFactory.changeWebDriver(driver)driver.get("")List<WebElement> elems = driver.findElements(By.xpath('//*'))

This creates a list of all WebElements on the page. You can even filter by tag name (if you want to verify only some elements).

List<WebElement> filteredElements = new ArrayList<>()List<String> allowedTags = ["a", "div", "img"]for (WebElement elem in elems) {	if(allowedTags.contains(elem.getTagName())) {		filteredElements.add(elem)	}}