Capture Objects

I had captured the objects via spy web. But, when I execute my test case, error saying my Xpath is null. However, all the data is there.


I faced this issue too. After that, I fixed it.

Firstly, you need to go back to your test case “Login”. You can choose option 1 or 2 below:
1. See in manual view. You choose your “input_loginUserID” in step 3. Maybe you can see that it is not link with anything in Object Repository. So, you need to click in input_loginUserID in Object Repository.
2. See in script. You need to edit in step 3: WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Login Page/Page_…IMS/input_loginUserID’), ‘’) i’m sorry I can’t see it clear so please complete it.

I fixed this issue by adding the objects to Web Object Spy. Doing this way looks dumb, but managed to solve it. :smiley:

you can try to delete the neighbor xpath,and unselected some attributes. I also encountered this problem today.